Month: November 2014

Atlas ichthylogique, Pieter Bleeker, 1862 (Indonesian Fish Atlas)

Fabulous Fish by Pieter Bleeker (Atlas Ichthylogique)

These illustrations are from a beautiful book about the various fish species in Indonesia, written by Dutch physician and ichthylogist Pieter Bleeker (1819–1878) under the title Atlas ichthyologique des Indes orientales néêrlandaises : publié sous les auspices du gouvernement colonial néêrlandais (Amsterdam, 1862). The Biodiversity Library identifies the book in the public domain. The PDF is available […]

Planetary Nebula MyCn18: An Hourglass Pattern Around a Dying Star

I HEART HUBBLE: Hourglass Nebula

“Planetary Nebula MyCn18: An Hourglass Pattern Around a Dying Star”: JANUARY 16, 1996: This Hubble telescope snapshot of MyCn18, a young planetary nebula, reveals that the object has an hourglass shape with an intricate pattern of “etchings” in its walls. A planetary nebula is the glowing relic of a dying, Sun-like star. The results are […]

Cyprianus, Uricus and Paymon, from Clavis Inferni..., Late 18th Century

Cyprianus aka The Black Book

These illustrations are from a late 18th century book about magic, the Clavis Inferni sive magia alba et nigra approbata Metratona by M. L. Cyprianus. There is not much information available about the book or author, but the writer of the Res Obscura blog suggests the author might actually be St. Cyprian. The official captions state, Cyprianus is also […]